In the past several years my teaching experiences have focused on introductory microeconomics, macroeconomics, and business statistics/econometrics. In addition to these topics, I have teaching interests in financial markets, real estate economics, labor, public policy, industrial organization, and data analytics. 














Advanced Graduate Macroeconomics—Recitation Instructor Applied Econometrics
Environmental Economics
Intermediate Microeconomics

Introduction to Microeconomics—Recitation Instructor Managerial Economics for MBA Students


Contemporary Economic Issues
Economic and Business Statistics
Economics of Poverty and Welfare Programs


Samuel is energetic, fun, friendly, and funny. He gives the students all of the information we could need to do well in the course. I like most that he seems to really care if we do well. He is extremely helpful.

I don't believe that any other professor could teach this course as well as Mr. Ingram did. He had all of the knowledge without any of the ego and all of the respect for his students. He made this course interesting and exciting to engage in.


He has been one of the best professors I’ve had at the university. He keeps the class engaged and interested, and allows us to voice our own opinions in a friendly environment.

He was very interesting to listen to and had very good examples for reference. He also didn't mind questions and some humor in class. I really enjoyed the course and have recommended Mr. Ingram to many of my friends that need to take Econ 201.


His easygoing demeanor made him approachable if there was confusion about a topic. He was always willing to re-explain something in multiple ways and times if there was even the slightest confusion.

Mr. Ingram is an exceptional instructor. Very well prepared for class and tried more than most instructors to ensure students were prepared for tests. Very effective teaching style.

He is full of energy, loves economics, loves to teach, and is open to our opinions and views.